Hold your phone with ease, keep it bulk-free in your pocket

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Easy On, Easy Off

With the world's first magnetic phone grip you get a secure and comfortable hold of your phone, and the option to remove it completely when not in use.

Keep your phone slim

Fit your phone in your pocket

Your phone was not designed to add needless bulk in your pocket


Don't ruin your phone grip

Removing your phone grip should not be a battle


How it Works

Flexible Grip

By being able to quickly reposition your phone grip, you put less pressure on your fingers!


Choose your Color

Phone cases come in many colors, and we have 11 colors for you to choose from to math your case!


But Wait There's More :)

You'd be surprised how useful a magnet can be!


Below are frequently asked questions

  • I thought magnets were not safe for phones?

    This is the most common question asked, and over 40 years ago this may have been the case with magnets and electronics. Thankfully, mobile device manufacturers have accounted for this and even embraced the use of magnets with their devices (i.e. MagSafe). Magnets do not cause any damage to modern mobile devices. Read this article for more detail on the matter!

  • Will this product work with any phone case?

    The best thing about the Grip On The Go is it will support any phone case you have!. This is because of its reliance on magnetic attraction as opposed to adhesive glue. For most styles you can place the metallic plate underneath your phone case, but for the very thick cases you may want to consider sticking the slim metallic plate directly on the surface of the case.

  • Do I have to use the metallic plate that comes with the Grip On The Go?

    You will receive two complimentary metallic plates with your order, however you are able to use any of your choice.

  • Is this phone grip as secure as regular permanent ones?

    As with the permanent phone grips, although fairly secure you should take care handling your phone when in use. Always support your phone firmly in the palm of your hands while using the Grip On The Go to provide added control with your fingers. Remember that the Grip On The Go is by design supposed to easily attach and detach from your phone, but the magnetic grip does offer secure support.

  • Is shipping really free?

    Our current promotion offers free standard shipping to all customers with U.S. or Canadian addresses! For other countries you will be charged for shipping during the checkout process.

  • Am I able to return my order?

    Yes of course, we want you to be completely satisfied with this product and allow for a full refund within 30 days of you receiving your order. Please refer to our Delivery times depend on your address as well as product availability. See our Returns and Refunds page for details.

  • If I place an order, when will I receive it?

    Delivery times depend on your address as well as product availability. See our Shipping and Delivery page for more details.

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  • Free shipping
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