Best Phone Grip for Small Hands, Big Phone

Cellphones have changed our world for the better and there is no going back. And who would want to? A phone in your hand can keep you in touch with friends, can help you search the internet wherever you are, and is how many people watch most of their videos. But if there is one thing we want, it’s being able to hold our phones without needing hands like King Kong.

King Kong with phone

Phones so big only King Kong can comfortably hold them

Phones Growing Bigger and Bigger

The trend with cellphones is to get bigger and bigger. Companies are even trying to make a foldable phone in order to provide a bigger screen, but until those are actually functional, cellphones will keep giving us bigger screens meaning that phones will keep getting bigger. And we all want the bigger phones because it gives us a bigger screen to see pictures and videos and chats. But the bigger phones are becoming harder and harder to hold with one hand.

Mobile Phone Size Comparisons

iPhones growing bigger and bigger

How to Hold Bigger Phones

The larger phones on the market are starting to look like small tablets and frankly they need to be held in the same way: two hands just to be able to not drop the phone. Some people try to use one but those are the butterfingers you see on the street with the cracked screens. Others use two hands, using the pinky to hold the phone up and typing with thumbs, but that actually leads to a repetitive strain injury. So while we love our big phones, there has to be a better way use them.

Using a Grip to Better Hold the Phone in Your Hand

Hands using Grips to hold phones

Hands using Grips to hold phones

Well there is a better way, and it’s called a phone grip, first introduced by PopSockets®. The grip lets you hold the phone up using you whole hand rather than your pinky, and it’s a game changer. And while it seems like the phone isn’t that heavy for your pinky, given the hours we are on our phones it makes a big difference in the long run.

Using the grip lets you hold the phone between the index and middle finger. Being closer to the middle of your hand as well as having an actual grip as opposed to having to wrap around the phone to grab it means you hand does a lot less work and the many hours on the phone are less likely to cause repetitive injury on your hand. But there is still an issue that not all hands are the same size and a grip in the middle of the phone is not a one size fits all solution …


Using a Magnet to Move your Grip to Custom Suit your Hand Size

… and that’s where a magnetic, movable grip solves all your problems. Having the grip on the middle of the phone looks nice and makes everything symmetrical, but that doesn’t help our thumb grow just that little bit longer to prevent the most common cell phone injuries. But being able to move your grip does solve it, and with a magnetic grip that can actually move up, down, left or right depending on what you need to do at the moment you can do everything you want, how you want it, without reaching or straining.

If you’re holding the phone with your right, move your grip a bit to the right. If you’re holding the phone with your left, move the grip to the left. If you need to do a lot of typing, move the grip towards the bottom of your phone to not have to reach. If you’re doing a lot of scrolling, move you grip up. Bottom line is that with a magnetic grip like Grip On The Go you can position your grip wherever is most convenient, not for the most part, but move it to be where you need it right then. And now that phones have advanced far enough that magnets have no negative effects or interference on them, the magnetic grip makes all the sense in the world.

Grip On The Go

Grip On The Go, the only magnetic phone grip

Bigger and bigger phones were harder and harder to handle properly, until PopSockets® introduced the grip, but then the phones kept growing and how we have the same problem holding phones … but not any more thanks to the magnetic grip.

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