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For years we have been conditioned to know that magnets and electronics don’t go together. Not just electronics, but magnetic strips such as credit cards or anything with chips. So a magnetic phone grip seems to make no sense, but we are in a new age, and the problems of the past need to be left in the past. This is a new age, and magnets are a phone’s best friend.

Magnetic Phone Grip

The Real Deal on Magnets – Why are we so scared

Magnets have been a problem for electronics for many years, and there are good reason. However those reasons don’t exist any more.

In fact, the new IPhone 12 is coming with a built in magnet ring to provide additional functionality for externally connected devices … like your phone grip.

Storage and Magnets

Data has historically been stored using magnetic storage and this has been one of the primary issues for computers and magnets. Obviously putting a magnet close to magnetic data storage will cause a problem, but cell phones these days use Solid State storage, which has no interaction with magnets, and is therefore safe. Solid State does not suffer the problems that removable storage devices, hard drives with spools and floppy disks have. Magnets are a solid state drives’ best friend.

Storage Media Magnets

Display and Magnets

Similar to storage devices, displays have come a long way from the years when magnets would affect the picture displayed. In the olden days a magnet on an pre-flat screen tv could cause lines and distortion on the screen, but that is a thing of the past. Current cell phone screens are LCD (liquid crystal display) or AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) technology, both of which are controlled by electricity and there are not affected by magnet. In fact, TVs these days can actually be connected to the wall using magnets. Magnets are a digital screen’s best friend.

Other Components and Magnets

There are numerous other components that could potentially be affected by magnets, but they have also come a long way and the technology is now no longer affected by magnetism. Historically components like speakers and antenna have been affected, but that is no longer the case. For example today antenna come with magnetic bases to attach to cars. And speakers are simply not affected because of their design. And as for NFC (near field communication) that is used for Apple Pay and Google Wallet, that is a different type of technology that is not magnetic and therefore not affected.

Phone Grip Magnet

The magnetic phone grip is simply the next evolution of the partnership between the magnet and the phone. The Grip On The Go is a simple but perfect tool to have the best of both worlds: A phone grip attached when you need it, and nothing attached when you don’t. And it’s all done through the magic of magnets (it’s not magic, but magnetic theory makes my brain hurt so let’s call it magic). Magnets are a phone’s best friend. And because of that, the Grip On The Go, the world’s only magnetically attached grip, is your phone’s best friend.

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