Why Should You Totally Get Yourself a Magnetic Popsocket?

Popsockets are everywhere these days. Almost everyone has one on their phone. Some businesses even let you design your own custom Popsocket-like phone grip.

But are these permanent phone accessories the best option for your phone? What if there was a better way to get a good grip on your phone? Why can't they be moved easily from one phone to the next?

A magnetic Popsocket might just be the solution you're looking for. They're revolutionizing the idea of the phone grip right now. 

Read on to learn why you should get yourself a magnetic phone grip today!

It Keeps You From Dropping Your Phone

Think about how often you drop your phone. Now think about all of the places you walk where this fragile device might fall. 

Dropped Phone

Americans drop their phones an average of four times a week or more! Almost two-thirds of these drops have caused the screen to crack. And getting your phone's screen replaced isn't cheap.

And there's also the common occurrence of laying in bed and scrolling through your phone when you suddenly lose your grip and drop it on your own face. Even if it doesn't leave a bruise, it still doesn't feel great when it happens.

Popsockets create a way to get a strong grip on your phone. The extendable buttons let you hold your phone between two fingers. If you get bumped or stumble, the large endcap of the button prevents the phone from slipping.

And while it isn't an absolute guarantee that you'll never drop your phone again, these little devices have saved many phones from falling on their screens. This saves your phone and your wallet from needing to pay for repairs.

It Stays With You

How often do you replace your phone's case? How often do you replace or upgrade your phone?

Most people will only upgrade their phones when it stops working. At the same time, they'll usually only replace their cases if they get a new phone or if the case breaks.

Even if this sounds like you, you might still be going through a handful of phone cases between phone upgrades. And while cheap phone grips can be removed from your old case, it's never going to stick to your new case quite the same way again. So you might be buying a new phone, a new case, and a new phone grip all at the same time!

That's why you need a magnetic Popsocket styled phone grip. These new devices stick to the back of your phone just as well as Popsockets, but without the glue. This makes them easier to remove than other phone grips.

That means that you can hold onto this phone grip no matter how many times you change phones or phone cases. You don't need to mess around trying to find cute Popsockets that match your new case. 

All you have to do is pop it off of the back of your phone case and attach it to the back of your new case when you're ready. You can also move it around anytime to change your grip on your phone when you need to.

No More Bulk

If you already have a standard Popsocket, then you know that one of the problems with it is that it makes your phone really bulky. When you go to put your phone in your pocket, it always gets caught on the fabric and doesn't wanna slide in securely.

A magnetic phone grip is never going to have this problem! All you need to do is take it off of your phone and it will slide right into your pockets just like it's supposed to. Then when you want to use the grip again, you simply reattach it like before.

Magnetic phone grips do this without ever losing their strength. If you were to do this with a regular Popsocket, the glue would wear out within a week!

Not to mention that if you tried to take the Popsocket with you in your pocket, then all the lint in there would just stick to the glue and make it completely unusable. A magnetic Popsocket styled phone grip doesn't collect lint, but it can help you find small metal items that are lost in your pockets.

Comes Off Cleanly

If you want to replace a Popsocket, it's not always easy to pry them off of your case. And when you do, there's usually glue left behind. This leaves your phone sticky and marked.

And even when you go to put a new one, you never quite place it in the exact same spot as your last one. Then you're forced to look at the ruins left behind by the old Popsocket. It's not very pretty to look at, and it just gets worse every time you replace it.

Hard to remove Popscoket

A magnetic Popsocket like phone grip doesn't leave behind residue. It comes off clean, leaving your phone case looking the same as it did when you first put it on. You can remove it time and time again and it still won't leave any marks on your phone. 

You can take a magnetic Popsocket like phone grip on and off all day long and trust that you will never mark or damage your phone. This makes phones and cases last longer and gives you a phone grip that you can use for the rest of your life!

Get Your Magnetic Popsocket Today!

There are a lot of good reasons to treat yourself to a magnetic Popsocket style phone grip right now. But there's only one place to get them and that's Grip On The Go.

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So what are you waiting for? Order your Grip On The Go today and see why it's better than other Popsockets today!

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